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Welcome to Circles X, the world’s first Digital Telco SaaS platform.

We're Circles. Digital Operators, For Operators, By Operators.

A global technology company, we help operators launch, transform and operate digital (neo) telcos at scale with a digital first go to market approach and Circles X, our full stack Saas platform.

What is Circles X?

Circles X is the world's first digital telco SaaS platform. We help telcos take the leap from telco to techco, and become the first choice of consumers for connectivity and beyond, all while ensuring the industry's best margins.

A Message from our CEO

A Message from our CEO

What we can do for you

Main Brand Evolution

We transform legacy businesses and give them the ability to scale, reboot their tech stack, regain market share and create new revenue streams and business insights.

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Sub Brand
Creation and Transformation

We help you stay competitive and relevant. With the ability to market launch a new fighter telco, we build and scale so you can focus on your business outcomes and new customer revenue.

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A New Telco For Any Industry

Want to increase customer retention and supercharge your market position? Add a telco to your offerings and see what it can do for you.

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3 Things We Make Happen Instantly

70% lower OPEX

Reduce Operational Costs

We believe you should focus on scale, flexibility, and agility.  Along with a lean operating model and greater operational efficiency, your overheads on management and customer service will decrease with Circles X.

*Based on our client implementations

115% market ARPU

Revenue Growth and Retention

We track and re-target both new and existing customers to improve conversion rates, and increase ARPU (annual revenue per user). With new automated workflows prompted by user behaviors, we hone in so you can get higher conversions from both new and existing customers.


World Class Customer Experience

Our digital first approach has won us numerous awards for our customer experience, in an industry that struggles with keeping customers happy and engaged. With +50 NPS vs. Market, you'll see loyalty, growth and monetization like never before.

Clean Slate, Full Stack Approach


We've won awards for culture, innovation, and customer service. Take a look.

A Global Footprint

With clients and customers around the world in 15 countries across 6 continents, we understand the unique challenges that each geographical region brings.

Spanning APAC, MENA, The Americas, and Europe, we’ve built solutions for the largest players in the business.

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Our North Star

Singapore. One of the most connected countries globally, Circles.Life entered a market that hadn’t seen any competition in over a decade. Rising to the challenge quickly, Circles.Life Singapore captured the hearts of digital natives and share of wallet. Winning multiple awards for its innovative approach to telco.

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Japan: The First Digital 5G Telco

Japan. With 86% cellphone penetration, entering a heavily saturated market can be difficult. Through our partnership with KDDI, we launched Japan’s first digital 5G telco brand POVO in 16 weeks, and we’ve seen exponential growth and have achieved an NPS score of +30 points since inception.

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Forming A Joint Venture In The Middle East And Beyond

With the highest cellular penetration in South Asia, Pakistan is a fast growing market where the cellular-first outlook of consumers demands strong connectivity for access to online digital services. With well-priced data plans and a sophisticated sub-brand, we targeted audiences looking for cellular reliability, freedom from contracts and better perks.

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We Operate Too.

Digital operators, built by operators, for operators. Our combination of operator knowledge and technology have made us unique in-market. With our experiences and constant feedback loops, we've made building the telcos of the future a reality.

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