Why Circles X is the choice for main brand transformation

Why Circles X is the choice for main brand transformation

Times Are Changing

Today’s world is always on. From social media to video streaming, from online shopping to digital wallets, the ability to work, play, pay, socialize, and connect globally for any telco operator is the key to success. With big players powering the shift from offline to online, it is more important than ever for telcos to power similarly high value experiences.

Telcos In the minds of consumers: Old School

Telcos are often thought of as service providers, and don’t necessarily stay at the forefront of consumer’s minds as long as we keep services up, and costs down. Though that gives telcos less to think about, it also forces them into a slower rate of growth due to a less pronounced need for disruption and advancement.

Creating Real Value In A Noisy World

Is there value in trying to become more tech powered and disruptive? We think the answer is yes. With consumers hungry for consumption, their shifting needs and the evolution of other consumer services are forcing telcos to change and take on much more than connectivity – by providing and layering on services that will create value beyond the stability of a connection. If telcos care about gaining credibility and mindshare, they have to get started on change.

So what can Circles X do? Outcomes for main brand transformation

We think these are key:

More digital services for the savvy user

Legacy telcos can no longer rely on contracts and 5G to bring in revenue. With the rise of more OTT services and challenger brands, legacy brands have to evolve to maintain their market position and continue to grow.

Better user insights and user experiences

Telco apps can serve as a starting point of origination for consumers. Beyond the ability to check your bills and data, your app can serve as a connection to other non-telco services.

Brand domination and reclaiming market share

For some telcos, using sub-brands to test segments and business hypotheses is ideal, thanks to favorable economic outcomes, government backed funding, or consumer demand.

That’s great for some of our customers, but for those who need a main brand revamp and want to double down on market dominance and market share, we focus on new feature development, market share re-capture, or consumer retention strategies.

Digital Transformation Outside In

At Circles X, we do transformation from outside-in. We know changing legacy systems, business thinking, and people operations can be difficult when you’re doing it all internally, but by working with our experts, we’ll be able to use our digital expertise and operator experience to lead your transformation seamlessly.

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Why Main brands fall Behind

Technology Lag


Technology Lag

Being the incumbent can come at a price. Often seen as the archaic and most expensive choice, these legacy telcos have been in market for a long time, and often need a brand refresh.

In addition, due to outdated infrastructure, new features and integrations are difficult to integrate into their tech stack.

Lack of User Insight


Lack of User Insight

Main brands are used to holding major market share. Due to mass adoption, the brand often becomes a default choice, not a preferred one.

As a result, when challengers enter the market, they lack the tools for new user acquisition and retention. This is where we come in.

An Unfocused Future


An Unfocused Future

At Circles X, we’ve seen clients concerned about how re-organization and resource allocation will change their businesses.

We can help. By doing organizational deep dives, we can help un-layer resource intensive organizations and re-orient teams to focus on new services and opportunities.

Getting from telco to techco

Market research and geographical knowledge

We understand international expansion and localisation, having worked with some of the biggest telco players in the world. In 15 countries across 5 continents and counting, we’ve implemented solutions that have transformed businesses at their core, in market.

Resource allocation and go to market strategy

With great change comes the need for resourcing. For each of our clients, we’ve been able to come up with solutions that have helped them feel comfortable with change. From helping with staffing, immersion tech day workshops, integration, tech migration, and extensive overviews to support knowledge transfer and operational success, we make sure that you get enough support from us to make a full transition and transformation.

phased acceleration

We understand business transformation. In addition to our tech stack and know-how, we’ll help co-create and design a phased approach so you know what you’ll be focused on from day 1 to year 3. Armed with a business plan and a product roadmap, we make sure your business outcomes are always clear and aligned with your goals.

Clean Slate, Full Stack Approach

We’ve created the world’s go-to digital telco SaaS platform. With both operator technology and operator knowledge, we’ve created a clean slate, full stack approach so you can go into this with a clear and focused vision. Here’s to the end of multi vendor integrations – and the beginning of a clear sense of what you’re building.

Winning Outcomes for All

Ultimately, we believe we know what it takes to win. In addition to understanding main brand challenges because we’ve helped build these outcomes at previous companies, we continue to build existing relationships with some of the biggest telco players in the world, helping them build pathways toward full scale transformation.