Launching a sub brand with circles x can unlock rocket ship potential

Different strokes for different folks

At Circles X, our transformative work with different types of customers across geographies, business types, and consumer demands have allowed us to create a platform that caters to the needs of your customers.

From pricing to segmentation, marketing tools to user analytics, we know that the power of a new sub-brand can unlock new segments like never before, and give you a new way to create and refresh your brand equity.

Exploring new user segments

Perhaps you’re not sure if you need or want to revamp your main brand. You have a steady stream of existing customers, you’re capturing “top of market” users, and you’re maintaining your market leader position. Your legacy customers love your stability, and your service offerings and reputation are great.

However, if you aren’t inherently risk taking or tech approach driven– you might be missing or isolating key customer segments that could grow with you in the future.

New sub-brand, more revenue opportunities

With the ability to launch a new brand in weeks, Circles X allows you to connect and test fresh service offerings quickly and easily. Perhaps you’re seeing new competition, and you’re wondering how you can compete without isolating your existing brand. The answer? Create a new sub-brand with us to excite and invigorate new customers with a slew of offerings driven by their consumer behaviors and product demands.

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Creating opportunities with our operator knowledge

At Circles, we create opportunities for you and your business. Having entered the heavily saturated Singaporean market filled with legacy incumbents back in 2014, we know how to identify markets that are ripe for disruption. Powered by Circles X and led by the cultural and business principles we still stand by today – we’ve become agents of economic change. From a market once driven by rigid pricing plans to a market where consumers now have the freedom to choose, we know what it takes to achieve the seemingly impossible.

We’re digital operators for digital natives

Digital operators, for operators, by operators. As digital operators, we understand the importance of operating at the speed of what the market demands. We’ve worked with global legacy players to establish new brands and JVs, and we continually apply all the market knowledge and customer insights we’ve gathered with great scale and analytical granularity.

At Circles X, we believe the future of telco is here, and the answers lie within our outside-in approach to digital transformation.

Why Are We Different? Circles Life Is Our North Star

Why Are We Different? Circles Life Is Our North Star

We Make Launching And Operating A Brand Easy

We Make Launching And Operating A Brand Easy

We Make Launching And Operating A Brand Easy

Multi vendor integrations are a thing of the past. With a clean slate, full stack approach, you get an all in one telco SAAS platform that integrates seamlessly with your OSS, and provides you with a robust platform to monitor and segment all user cohort activities, create pricing plans, develop marketing promotions and launch loyalty programs. With the ability to plan your Day 1 up to your Year 3 with aligned feature sets, marketing milestones, subscriber targets, and extended business goals, we’re with you every step of the way as you launch your brand with us.

Why Are We Different? Circles Life Is Our North Star

We create new opportunities for customers by creating new opportunities for ourselves. By using and rolling out features iteratively on the Circles X platform which powers our own telco, Circles.Life, our tech and business approach allows us to respond to everything firsthand. With our continuous feedback loops, constant experimentation, and aggressive agile rollout schedule, your success will be a direct reflection of our own award winning abilities to operate and delight our customers.